Maggie Thatcher's crimes: Poll Comments
Traitors the lot of you!02/18/18 1:17:58 AM MST
bitch03/09/16 5:51:30 PM MST
She died on my BIRTHDAY!! Best pressie ever, x 07/10/15 10:02:11 AM MST
God, how do you pick...? 07/10/15 10:01:07 AM MST
Iron Lady? - Rust in pieces 09/17/14 1:39:00 PM MST
she was a cunt of the highest order, what else can I say?08/27/14 7:41:26 PM MST
Good Riddance05/14/14 3:21:45 PM MST
Everyone a damned disgrace 04/01/14 12:36:19 PM MST
LOL, DING DONG!01/30/14 8:09:29 AM MST
Resigning01/01/14 6:40:12 PM MST
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